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Empress Me

Vegan Empresso Beauty Sponge

Vegan Empresso Beauty Sponge

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Our Vegan Empresso Beauty Sponge comes complete with its own cute little coffee cup great for storing and when travelling to avoid dirt.

The microfibre material coated with an extra layer of velvet is perfect for applying wet or dry makeup.


The pointed top is ideal for the contours of the face, eyes and lips.

The sloped flat edge is great for setting powders under the eyes and along the jawline.

The flat bottom is perfect for larger areas such as the cheeks, forehead and chin.

How to use:

Wet - Wet the sponge for a few seconds until the sponge expands and squeeze out the excess water. Use to apply liquid foundations, concealers, contours and blush.

Dry - perfect for powder application for baking, highlight and blusher.

How to clean:

Run the sponge under warm water to loosen the product. Apply soap to create lather and rinse under water until water runs clear.

Replace every few months.

Vegan. Cruelty-free.

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