Glitter Glaze

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Glitter Glaze are metallic or holographic cosmetic glitters based in a gel formula. No glue required. Dries within seconds of applying.

Glitter Glaze

How to use:

Best applied with a small, soft, round brush. Dip your clean brush into the jar and scoop out a small amount of product – a little goes a long way! Pat this at the back of your hand 2-3 times, or until slightly tacky, and apply to your desired area.

If you want to use sparingly over eyeshadow, ensure you are using a primer underneath your eyeshadow. Scoop out a small amount of Glaze with our finger and with your other finger tap together several times to make the Glitter Glaze tacky then pat over your eyeshadow.

Our Glitter Glazes do not smudge and will stay put until you remove them yourself.

How to remove:

Easily removed with a wet cotton pad. Swipe over the Glitter Glaze area in long sweeps in one direction.


You can also maintain the longevity of your Glitter Glazes by pumping a small amount of our Cosmetic Fix Gel in your Glitter Glaze jar and mix together until it is restored.

Vegan and cruelty-free

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